What's life like as an international teacher?

Have you considered a career as an international teacher? Did you know that most countries in South America and Asia, English is in high demand and schools will pay native English speakers a decent salary to come and teach English. Education and international teaching were the topics of the November 2nd #THINKGLOBAL podcast with guest Adrienne Waller. This episode was especially insightful and informational as Adrienne describes her own story of personal growth. Adrienne started her teaching career in the US education system (Chicago & Detroit), but after seeking a new challenge she decided to accept a teaching position in Doha, Qatar in 2016. Overcoming her initial anxiety and fears; 5 years later Adrienne has enjoyed the benefits of teaching abroad. She has now taught in Qatar, China & Kuwait, met really amazing friends and has traveled to over 20 different countries. “It was the best decision of my life”.

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