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THINKGLOBAL podcast Nov 11th episode w/special guest Sammy Monroe

Originally from North Carolina, Sammy Monroe is one of the thousands of professional American basketball players currently playing in foreign leagues around the world. On this THINKGLOBAL episode Sammy discusses his career, work ethic and lifestyle off the playing court. With over a decade of international playing experience, Sammy has had stops in Uruguay, Japan, Bahrain, Philippines, UAE & Saudi Arabia. He’s currently playing in the Qatar Basketball League for Al-Arabi sports club.

So what’s life like playing international basketball? What are the rules and how do contracts work? We touch on all of this and more, by the end of this episode you’ll understand why BALL IS LIFE.

Watch this episode HERE or listen to it on SoundCloud HERE

If anyone in Qatar is interested in personal training contact Sammy Monroe on FB/IG @sammymonroe_2

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