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How & Why Zeinab Relocated to Canada- #THINKGLOBAL Oct 29th podcast
Zeinab Kahera joined us on the THINKGLOBAL podcast for this episode to discuss her relocation to Quebec, Canada. With the current uncertainty in the 2020 US election, continued social unrest and a pandemic inflicted economy; more Americans consider relocating to Canada as a viable option. We discussed how, why and when Zeinab moved to Canada. We also delved into the many similarities and differences between the US and its northern neighbor (Canada). In Canada, healthcare is FREE for all citizens…but is really free??
The Oct 29th 2020 episode with Zeinab Kahera was as informative as it was entertaining. It’s apparent spirituality and faith are the cornerstone of Zeinab’s life. She has used her faith in God to propel a new business venture dedicated towards helping others. ZK Careers is a career consulting firm which Zeinab launched to help individuals find their purpose in the workplace.
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